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Hello and Welcome! Please take the time to browse my site and contact me if you are interested in booking a shoot, purchasing photos, or need personal assistance for photography needs.

My Career

What I would like to gain within my modeling career is to show those that follow me; life is strictly what you make it. I feel every woman should feel confident of her inner beauty as well as her exterior beauty.

I do not hold the goals as some might. I do not wish to become a super model, but I would love nothing more than to work closely with an apparel company. I have to admit; I love clothes, which might have assisted in the decision I made to start modeling. Not only do I get to "play dress up" but 99% of my shoots, all the clothes are mine, and they come home with me!

I wouldn't consider myself having a certain style, but must I give a description, I would say I fit well in the pinup category. Though, it strictly depends on the clothing choices for the day.

When I arrive for a photo shoot, I have with me my outfits for the day, as well as accessories. The variety of clothes and accessories will decipher what my style will be for the day. My physical features provide many opportunities for many different styles.

My looks do not produce any certain style; I most comfortable saying my look is very versatile and I can rock any shot were looking to capture!

I am constantly updating and "perfecting" this website, so while it continuously changes, the photos remain up to date.

Recent News!


03/13/2014 - I have to admit, I haven't focused on updating my website nearly as often as I wished. I have a lot of new photos and great news to be updated and added.. Check back soon for my updates! 

I also wanted to thank all my supporters for your ongoing encouragement and kindness, that's truly what keeps me going!


 11/25/2012 - Hard work and dedication has served many purposes in my life. Most recently I have withdrawn from my previous photographer and scheduled in on my calendar various photo shoots with High Profile photographers in Chicago and a few with their studios located just outside of Chicago. This is a huge accomplishment for myself. 


PROMOTIONAL/Band Shirt Modeling


05/30/2013 - It's been awhile since I have updated my site.. I will be doing some updating this weekend. I have been extremely busy. I have been booked with shoots, and working my tush off. I can't wait to display all my new work! Thank You everyone who continues to follow my work and stop by to visit my page. 

You're the ones who keep my actively enjoying what I do!


02/10/2013 - As time has flown by; I have experienced many new opportunities and met many new photographers. I have learned so many "modern techniques" and by far some of the most interesting truths about being a model.

Most recently I have was given and accepted the opportunity to walk the runway in Chicago. I remember just the other day telling someone, "The runway? that's just not for me. I can not picture myself Doing the Catwalk". I think this opportunity came knocking at a time when I needed it most.

We all hit peaks in our lives, and sometimes those peaks make us fall, this really picked me up and put me on my feet, hitting the ground running. I personally can not say I could be more proud of this opportunity. Wish me luck, I do not want to be "that girl" that fell.


12/19/2012 - Most recently I have taken on promotional modeling. I have started promotional modeling for Bands, this includes modeling their current as well as older style shirts as well. As far as compensation, I do ask for a copy of your current disc, as well as the shirt I will be modeling. To me, it can be 1 shirt or 5. I only ask for a CD due to the fact I may not be familiar with the band, this way I can get a feel for the music and the style for which I will be modeling. And as always, once I have completed the photo shoot with your bands shirt, I will advertise here on my website


Until then, to the beautiful young ladies, keep sending in your messages in regards to starting your career and giving me the opportunity to mentor you. For the girls I have worked with, a HUGE Thank You, and I wish you much success, and for  my current girls, let's Rock these Shots!

About Me

I'm punctual and professional, especially while on set. I set forth all effort and I'm willing to do what it takes to get the shot needed.

The literal definition of a Model is "A person employed to display merchandise, such as clothing or cosmetics."

However, I feel the perfect shot is worth so much more involved than many might think. I firmly believe that a photo can say more than thousands of words to anyone who's willing to listen.

To understand what I mean, please take a little time to check out my personal portfolio and see for yourself how I remain professional on the set while creating superb images for the viewing of all audiences.

How I've taken my career to the next level is learning the skills of an makeup artist. Truth be told; models are needed, yes. But without a makeup artist that is reasonable, carries her own supplies, and is able to throw in a hair-do for free... it's very hard to pass up. I'm working on collaborating my photos to create a portfolio of my work, as you look through my portfolio here, these are photos on myself of my own work. If you're interested, email me at or use the Contact Me page.


I, the model am located between Chicago and Milwaukee, but I have a passion for traveling. 

If you are an aspiring model, please utilize the contact button and leave your contact information along with the services you are looking for.

I also do attend shoots as the Makeup artist (MUA) as well as hair stylist. Charges are minimal, feel free to contact me for information.

Please browse my site!